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Winter 2022

let's kick 2021 to the curb!

Our deep cleaning is always $50.00 off and is based on a 4 hour session. The cost of a full house (deep cleaning) is generally $425.00. For an apartment, the cost is usually $250..00 For more options, please check the booking page. 

Our deep cleaning package is just what the dr. ordered to end 2021! We start at the top and work our way down! We clean all of the basis tasks. Then we continue by cleaning and disinfecting all of the following:

  • Lights, light switch plates, fans

  • blinds and windows

  • trim, sill and baseboards

  • doors and door knobs

  • cupboards

  • appliances inside and out

  • corners, cracks and under the furniture

  • spot wipe walls (time permitting)

Our four hour cleaning package prepares your home for the new year ahead! We take pride in our work and strive to do an excellent job in our clients homes! The above package is based on an average sized home. If your home is larger, we would either follow a sequence of priority or you may add more time! 

Thank you so much!

we won a number of awards this year!

 Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing was chosen to win this year again! This year we came in as the top rated house cleaning service by "" Not to toot our own horn, but this is the third year that we have come in as Halifax's highest rated cleaning service and the third year selected! Thank you so much!

We have been chosen business of the year by  the charity Imperial Sovereign Court of Atlantic Nova Society! We were chosen by this amazing charity and organization for all of the support and love that we give to the LGBTQ community! We are an equal rights and equal employment organization. As an employer, I have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind :) 

We are thrilled to be chosen silver in Halifax Community Votes 2021! Thank you to all of these organizations and folks who nominated and supported us! Thanks to all of my hard working staff too! Love and peace everyone!

Celeste Levy and my incredibly amazing team! 


Shayla's Angel's

Help for the holidays! Yuletide LGBTQ Family Campaign!

We are happy to be helping collect items for “”Shaylas Angel’s” this holiday season. Each year, Shayla Shenanigan and her friends choose a family or two from the LGBTQ community to support.  Shayla is a famous Halifax drag performer and has helped raised over $250,000 for local charity in our province! This is her 10th year sponsoring a family from the LGBTQ community! 2020 has hit so many incredibly hard. Many are struggling and need our help! This year, her friends & fellow performers Rouge Fatale and Vanity Station have stepped up to help! They will be collecting, arranging pick ups/drop offs & packaging the gifts bags and care packages! Clutterbug Cleaning is helping and is

M & J’s eatery  and Menz Bar! (More cooperate sponsors and helpers welcome!)

We are collecting following:

Gift bags

Gift cards

Non perishable food items

Gift items

Cash (which will be used for gifts and groceries for those who need it)

Warm, new gloves, socks, hats mitts

Masks and Hand Sanitizer

If you can help in any way, please let us know! Items can be dropped off at any Halifax, Dartmouth home/office bases or locations (Our office on Cunard Street/Halifax) Thank you so much for your help in this amazing event!