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If you are looking for a Professional Cleaning Company this Fall, why not take advantage of the Best Fall Cleaning Special in town $49 OFF!! Hire  Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing to Book Your Fall Cleaning Today – (902) 240-0047 or  (902)406-2402

This team of experienced cleaners will come to your house and clean it from top to bottom leaving no stone unturned. Clutterbug Cleaning House Services is a well known in Bedford, Dartmouht and the Halifax areas for getting the job done right, the first time!


Fall Cleaning Services

Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing will clean your whole home, condo, or apartment this Fall making it ready for the impending winter season.

Fall Cleaning Special HalifaxAll the bedrooms, kitchen area, bathrooms, and living areas will be washed, waxed, and vacuumed as well as any other area of your home that has been used quite a bit this past summer! High traffic areas will need a good sweep, mop, and possible wax depending on if you have hardwood floors or carpets.

Your home will look like a brand new living space once again!

Who has time to clean this Fall right? Well most people actually barely have enough time to manage the regular daily grind of work, school, cooking and homework let alone cleaning the home.

Most likely you will need the help of a residential cleaning services company in Halifax to get the job done! When it comes to putting all that summer stuff away in the basement or garage, few know how to cleaning and organize it all properly. That is when you have have to hire professional cleaning services to help clean up the house for Fall.

The porch, hallways, and back deck have stuff that need to be put away at the end of summer. If you still have lawn chairs by the pool and many pairs of summer shoes by the back door, an experienced cleaning and organizing company will organize your items and put them away for you.


Fresh Pillow Cases and Linens

This is the time of year when batteries in smoke detectors need to be changed, the clock goes back to daylight savings time, and your home needs to be cleaned for Fall.

Clutterbug Cleaning Services Bedford NSAnother place to clean besides the hallways and back deck are the bedrooms. To make sure the bedrooms receive a little extra treatment before Falls starts, it is now time to freshen up the linen on the beds, the pillow cases, and curtains.

Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing have a lot of experience at Fall cleaning services and it shows in the repeat business year after year from their steady clients! They know just how important it is to you and your children to have a cozy bed and a fresh smelling room.

It is a good idea this time of year to swap out the cotton sheets to flannel sheets, where are actually a little warmer at the end of Summer, and while your at it put away that light comforter for a heavier duvet.

You’ll also want to dust all the visible dust areas as well as the hard to reach places like the ceilings, baseboards, behind the TVs, and in other areas that are hard to reach.

An experience house cleaning company in Halifax would be able to take care of all that dusting for you so that you can spend more time at the mall getting your kids ready for school.

Call the professional Fall House Cleaners in Bedford, Dartmouth or Halifax at 902-406-2402 / 902-240-0047 or by contacting them on Facebook any time to book your end of summer cleaning.