Give The Gift of Clean This Holiday Season

If you are wondering what to get for that certain someone, whether it be a friend, a family member, or even a co-worker, give them a house cleaning gift certificate from Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing!

Clutterbug Cleaning and Organizing wants to let everyone know that the Holiday Gift Cards have just arrived! 

Give a house cleaning gift certificate this holiday season in halifax ns

Forget about the house work this holiday season and spend more time with family and friends by giving a house cleaning gift card. After all, think about it, everyone is way to busy working, shopping, and cooking this time of year to even begin to think about house cleaning chores.

That’s where Clutterbug House Cleaning Services in Halifax comes in. By offering these holiday house cleaning gift cards, you are able to give them as a present to someone who you care about, and they get to get their house cleaned for free. 

When the time is right over the holidays, all they have to do is call Clutterbug Cleaning and redeem the holiday house cleaning gift card!

Holiday House Cleaning

Clutterbug House Cleaning Services in Halifax will come to your home anytime during the holidays to help clean up for Christmas or even after a party or family get-together. 

Call Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing to order your holiday house cleaning certificates right away before they are sold out!

They want to make sure that you make it onto their cleaning schedule this holiday season, as bookings get filled up fast this time of year.

So don’t hesitate – book your house cleaning services right away or order your “Gift of Clean” holiday house cleaning gift certificates – 902-240-0047 | 902-406-2402

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your home cleaned by the number one house cleaning services in Halifax – Clutterbug Cleaning Services!

Christmas Cleanups – No Problem!

There are going to be many Christmas cleanups this holiday season. People tend to get together more often this time of year to spend time with each other reflecting on the years events and to celebrate Christmas.

So over the holidays you are going to have to hire some help cleaning up your house before and after the messes take place. 

You know you are having a gathering the week of Christmas and you want to make a meal and a few desserts for the crowd. So who is going to do the house cleaning before the party starts?

Simple, call Clutterbug Cleanup Services in Halifax NS! They will come over right away and clean your house from top to bottom while you cook your holiday dishes. What a partner to have during the holidays!

When guests arrive they will be happy to see a great looking home. No one will ever know that you hired house cleaning help. And don’t forget after the party, Clutterbug will come back and help you clean up the mess.

They will help you cleanup for and after any staff parties at the office, or family parties before and after Christmas and New Years.

Are you in need of house cleaning this holiday season in Dartmouth or Bedford? No problem, Clutterbug will book you in for a house cleaning before the holidays and come back afterwards to freshen up your house for New Years.

Call the most reliable house cleaning services in Halifax today – Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing 902-240-0047 | 902-406-2402