Who Ya Gonna Call – The House Cleaning Busters!

If You Are Looking for Professional House Cleaning Services in Halifax or Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Who Ya Gonna Call – The House Cleaning Busters !! 

Book Your House Cleaning Services Today by Calling Clutterbug at (902) 240-0047 or  (902)406-2402

The house cleaning dirt busters in Dartmouth and Halifax will come out to your house and clean your entire home or apartment top to bottom. All the living areas, dining room, bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms will be dusted, washed, mopped, waxed, and vacuumed! 

Call them dirt busters or house cleaning busters, Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing can help by cleaning your home on a weekly basis or monthly if you choose. They will keep your home looking spotless all year around, whether you are home, at work, or away on business.

Your Halifax house cleaning professionals know that you are busy! Your time is important and who has time for cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting? Spend more time with your family and call the most trusted cleaning company in HALIFAX NS – Clutterbug Cleaning Company.

Where Did Summer Go?

Summer has come and gone, with only a few short weeks remaining. The kids are back in school or college and this is the first time you get to really check out the house to see how clean it is.

What a surprise you get when you just how much dust and dirt has piled up in all the bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, and other main living areas. Summer seemed to just zip by, but day after day dust and dirt piles up because of animals in and out of the house, as well as human traffic up and down the stairs.

It’s hard to believe how a mess can be created by just going about your daily routine, but it’s part of life.

As your brow furrows, trying to figure out how you are ever going to get the time to really clean the house properly, you suddenly remember that house cleaning company on Facebook you saw the other day – Clutterbug Cleaning Services in Halifax

Right now that is a Godsend when you starting piling up all the cleaning chores and hours you will have to spend cleaning the entire house. So you call Clutterbug cleaners to schedule a Summer house cleaning while you are away at work tomorrow. This is the best idea you have had in awhile. The house will be cleaned while you are at work. You can drop the kids off at soccer practice, head to the grocery store and be back by 7 pm to a house that smells fresh and so neat!

They has cleaned the whole house in just a couple hours! How is this possible? So what do you do next? Call the house cleaning professionals at Clutterbug and ask them to come back to clean the house next week, that’s exactly what you do. 

Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing can be your house cleaning partners who get the job done on a weekly or biweekly cleaning basis, it’s totally up to your needs as a busy mom. Whatever help you can get you will take it, right? Your busy schedule is managed each day, your house is now clean all the time, and you can spend more time with your family. It’s a win/win!

Your home will look like it was when you first moved it – clean and smelling great! Now this is a place you can call home.

House cleaning Halifax

Experienced House Cleaners

Experienced house cleaning busters in the Halifax area of HRM will come to your house and bust up the dirt from top to bottom. Clutterbug Cleaning House Cleaning Services is a well known cleaning company in Halifax that has many years of cleaning experience in Nova Scotia.

They will go to your home in most areas of the mainland Nova Scotia and clean all areas of your home as well as organizing all the summer items that need putting away.

  • Halifax house cleaning services
  • Bedford house cleaning services
  • Sackville house cleaning services
  • Dartmouth house cleaning services
  • Hammonds Plains house cleaning services
  • East Hants house cleaning services
  • Tantallon house cleaning services

This experienced and reliable house cleaning busters are a fully licensed, bonded and  insured cleaning company in Halifax NS. 

Office Cleaning Services

If you are a business owner in metro Halifax and are in need of office cleaning services Clutterbug Cleaning Company in Halifax will keep all your offices clean for your busy staff to come back to the next day. They will come in after all the staff have left for the day and totally clean all the cubicles, bathrooms, offices, coffee rooms, and even dust all the furniture, computers, and desks.

When your works come back to work the next day, they will start their day with a great looking office and work space. All the garbage will be properly disposed of, green and blue bins emptied and the floors left shinny and new after a thorough mopping and waxing.

Make sure to call the best office cleaning company (www.clutterbugcleaning.com) to schedule nightly cleaning or weekly cleaning services for all your office buildings in downtown Halifax NS.

For all those landlords or business owners who have multiple offices, buildings, or rental properties to clean, call the Halifax Office Cleaning Busters at (902) 240-0047 or  (902)406-2402

Clutterbug Office Cleaners currently have cleaning contracts with office managers, building owners, and apartment rental agencies all over Halifax and Dartmouth!

To get an office cleaning quote call Clutterbug Cleaning Services today to arrange a visit to your business establishment. They will schedule your cleaning often within a day or two of your first contact. 

Types of Cleaning Services Provided:

  •     Office Cleaning Halifax
  •     House Cleaning Halifax
  •     Condo Cleaning Halifax
  •     Apartment Cleaning Halifax
  •     Move In / Move Out Cleaning Halifax
  •     Commercial Cleaning Halifax
  •     Office Cleaning Halifax
  •     Window Washing Halifax
  •     Basement Cleaning Halifax
  •     Garage Cleaning Halifax
  •     Carpet Cleaning Halifax
  •     Construction Cleaning Halifax
  •     Reno Cleaning Halifax
  •     Summer Cleaning Halifax
  •     Deck Cleaning Halifax
  •     Real Estate Cleaning Halifax