Selling your home? Keep it clean & clutter free!

Getting ready to list your home can often be an overwhelming challenge. It’s sometimes daunting to say the least, on knowing how to present your home in the best light for your potential home buyers.  A fresh perspective is always a good idea, which is where our service can help out. Our staff are trained and knowledgeable in de cluttering, arranging and of course cleaning your home so it can be shown at it’s best.

Selling Your Home?

A few suggestions for getting your home “Show Ready” are:

1: Remove and store highly personal items such as photographs, children’s items, books, décor. Keep things simple. Pack away anything that may take away from the simplicity of your home’s features. Too much clutter and too many decorations could be distracting, which could be confusing for the buyers.

2: Make sure your personal items are tucked away, such as items in bathrooms, bottles, pills, make up, laundry and so forth.

3: Keep your counters as clean and clear as possible, again as to not distract the buyers.

4: Make sure your home is tidy and clean for your showings.

5: Get rid of any garbage and or old un used things either by donating, recycling or trash day.

6: Have you accumulated too much stuff and trash? A junk bin or junk removal may be required. Our company offers junk removal on a smaller scale. We have experience in sorting, packing and clearing out jam packed homes and apartments.

Before And After

cleaning your home before and after

Once your home is clutter free and organized, a deep cleaning is essential, as well as regular maintenance. Start from the top of your room and work your way down. Wash down your kitchen and bathroom cupboards and cabinets.

It’s a good idea to tidy and purge your cupboards and closets inside as well.   Dust and wipe pictures, trim, lights, doors, fans, right down to the baseboards. Spot wipe or wash the walls, trim, doors and windows. Wiping your window ledges and trim should not be forgotten.

In the cleaning process, take note of any areas which may require some fresh paint. If there are certain areas that need some touch ups and minor revamping, it’s a good idea to complete this work. It’s easier than you may think, with a little time and patience your home will be in selling shape in no time.

Life is busy. If you have no time, you can hire “Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing” to take care of all deep cleaning for you. Our specialty is top to bottom cleanings. We know exactly what needs to be done, we do it efficiently and we don’t waste time or your money. Our service is essential to maintain your home as it must be clean when potential buyers walk thru your place! We quite often have space free and staff available on short notice if your have last minute showing request. Let’s talk about what we offer! Call us and we can talk you thru our home cleaning service and or drop by to meet you. Celeste Levy  902-240-0047 and the fantastic staff of “Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing”.