Spring 2017













We are very excited to be celebrating our 12th year in business this spring! As a thank you to all of our clients, we are happy to be giving a few great prizes away! We will be giving one lucky client a free Spring Cleaning valued at $350.00 or a night at the Delta Halifax!  Like us on facebook. Share our page and our story! Thank you to all of our loyal clients, wonderful employees and those who has contributed to the success of our company. Proudly serving HRM for 12 years!

Spring: there is a certain energy, awakening this time of year, for me at least. A fresh start, a new outlook and anticipation of  brighter days after the long winter. (which I am not fond of) I always welcome this time of year, look forward to the sun, longer days leading into longer nights. Spring, it is almost here!  Such a fabulous time of year-to grow, improve, clean and of course get organized!

Spring cleaning enables up to start fresh and focus on areas in the home that may have been neglected over the long winter. It is the perfect time to dig into our closets, cupboards and drawers-purge, donate and discard of things that we have not used in some time. Maximizing the space in your home, gives you the freedom and enjoyment which leads to a calm and organized state. When our home, life, office and thoughts are somewhat organized, it creates peace. In your home, the trick is the take a few moments, each day or every few days and maintain your space. Collect household items, toys, clothes, perhaps as a family. Have everyone pitch in and put these items in their place, so that they do not accumulate, creating a disorganized home again.

We can help you set up a system that works. Once your home has some simple and effective systems in place, it only takes a few minutes a day to maintain calm and order. We would be happy to drop by for a free in home consultation.