Winter Home Cleaning Services HRM

If you are looking for Winter Cleaning Services or just a good deep clean of your house, or other cleaning services in the HRM area such as Residential, Move-in / Move-out cleaning, than you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Clutterbug Cleaning and Organizing can come to your home and provide full cleaning services on a weekly or biweekly basis anywhere in the HRM area including Sackville, Bedford, or Dartmouth.

Winter will be in full swing soon! You want your home to be clean, warm, and free from mold buildup, dust mites, and possible pollen issues left over from summer.

Winter Cleaning and Preparation Tips

winter home cleaning halifaxYou will no doubt have issues this winter such as snow being tracked in on boots and road salt getting ground into carpets. This is all part and parcel of living in Atlantic Canada. What we like to suggest is to prepare doorway areas, porches, stairways and other areas of the household that dirt and snow tend to get drawn to.

If you make a list of these problem areas and clean them on a weekly basis, than you should be able to keep your home clean and fresh, well into the winter season.

If you find you are in a home where everyone works then you are going to be too busy to clean for winter so we’d like to suggest hiring a local home cleaning company to take care of your winter cleaning needs.


Clean The Following Areas For Winter

Furnace: The furnace will be kicking in high gear soon so this will cause more debris and dust in the air. You should change your furnace filter every two to three months in winter. Some furnaces use an air duct system and basically pollutes the air with dust particles, so this is something to consider keeping on top of – dusting all rooms, hallways, bedrooms, living room and kitchen.

Christmas Ornaments: Dust your holiday ornaments before putting them up. Give them a good cleaning because they have no doubt been stored in a garage, loft or basement since last Christmas. This will only add to the dust in the air this time of year so remove dust and freshen up all decoration and ornaments to keep your home looking and smelling good.

storage area for winter bootsWinter Clothing: Clothing from last winter season also needs to be cleaned such as winter jackets, ski pants, gloves, mittens, and other winter wear.

Most of these can be tossed in the washer but check the washing instructions carefully just to be sure. Some of these items may have been cleaned before putting them away, but throw them in anyway just to make sure they are clean, fresh, and mud free.

Floor Mats: If you want to prevent a mess from melting snow and road salt near doorways and halls, use a waterproof floor mat. You want family members to get used to using the mats as they enter the house. Shoes racks are also an inexpensive alternative to storing winter boots and shoes when not in use.

There are many types and sizes of shoe racks so it’s best to look around and find something that fits your back porch area for the size of your family. Often family members will have two or three pairs of winter boots as well as other items like mittens, ski pants, etc., so keep looking and you will find something that is perfect for you.

home cleaning for winter hrmMattresses: To keep dust mites under control you should clean and flip your mattress at least a couple times per year. Usually once in Spring and once in winter will do the trick. The best way to clean a mattress is to get out the vaccuum and get rid of any dust on the top of the mattress, then do the other side. Some mattresses have mattress pads that need to also be cleaned and dusted, and don’t forget the be linens – very important as this is where we spent a third of our day – sleeping.

Other ares such as carpets, upholstery, and blinds should also be cleaned for winter so if you are finding this a bit daunting, then a good home cleaning company should be able to offer professional cleaning services to the the job done.

We hope these tips are helpful and won’t provide too much of a challenge in keeping your home clean, healthy, and organized this winter.

Winter cleaning services are available in the following areas of HRM including Tantallon, Hammonds Plains, Timberlea, the St. Margaret’s Bay area, as well as Halifax, Dartmouth, Fall River and Waverly.

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