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weekly, biweekly, one time, move cleans

Clutterbug Cleaning and Organizing in provides a wide range or cleaning services for your home and office. We offer weekly, bi weekly, monthly, occasional, deep cleanings. We offer move in an move out cleaning services. 


Our regular service: weekly or bi weekly our cleaning teams can come in and dust, vacuum, clean the kitchen and bathrooms. We can do dishes, make beds, change sheets, and tidy up. If its strictly general cleaning that you require, that's fine too! We can customize our work to suit your family's needs. 


Our deep cleaning service: an intense cleaning and disinfection of your entire home. Its a good idea to do a deep cleaning each season of the year, or at least spring and fall.  A detailed description of our deep cleaning is listed on the 'Cleaning specials and packages page' on our website. 


Our move in/out cleaning service: moving is challenging enough, let us do the final cleaning for you. We do a complete deep cleaning as listed on our packages page as well as cleaning the inside of closets, drawers, cupboards and cabinets, 

Home prep for selling: we work with many real estate agents to prepare homes to sell. We can provide you with our deep cleaning so that you can list your home knowing it's fresh and clean. We also have an eye for details. We can help purge, declutter and stage so that your home is ready to show!

Clutterbug Cleaning & Organizing Inc.  is now offering home/estate/downsizing assessment and arrangement for items. We can assist with purging, packing, sorting and making arrangements to remove the items from your home in order to list it! If you are downsizing or taking care of a property for a loved one, please contact our office. We can help and would be happy to meet with you for an initial consultation! 

an organized space helps you relax and be more productive

our organizing

We offer several unique options for organizing. Typically we recommend our four hour organizing/cluttering package.

We have several team members who excel at organizing and are passionate about it. We can start room by room and tackle specific projects with you or with your ideas in mind. We can organize entire rooms or bit by bit. We can arrange dressers, clothes, closets, cabinets, kitchens, playrooms, offices, you name it! We can pack, purge, store, pile and or have items collected that you wish to donate. We can even offer advice on certain products to assist in your organized home dreams and tell you where to purchase these items!


We would be happy to discuss details over the phone or drop by for an in home consultation. Having an organized home helps eliminate stress and chaos. Once your home is functioning properly and running smoothly, we can certainly book occasional or frequent 'touch ups' and 'maintenance if you feel you need this! Its a huge help to busy families! (plus it feels great to have an organized place to live)

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office/workplace cleaning & disinfecting

We offer office & small scale commercial cleaning services in HRM on a weekly basis. (if required) . We strive to do an excellent job for all of our client offices! Many of our offices, we have been cleaning for years! It is important for your business or place of work to be clean, organized and germ free! We have a 50 point inspection package as well which will help keep your employees safe and healthy. On a regular basis, we vacuum, dust, wipe, disinfect high touch surface areas, clean kitchens, bathrooms, and empty trash. Deeper office cleaning is also available and recommenced on a quarterly basis. 

Our staff are professionally trained so that you don’t have to worry! Our staff also sign a confidentially contract upon hiring. Contact us today for more information on our office/small business cleaning services. 


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